Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Easter 2010

Visited Mom Saturday and Sunday. Took this photo after church and our lunch at Western Sizzler.  Spring weather is helping us feel better after a long and difficult 2009.  Uncle Ordie having advanced bone cancer is our concern now.  We visited with him after we took this photo and changed clothes. Ordie and I shared a lot of memories and before leaving we exchanged a good long look and said our "I love U's". We owe our parents, aunts and uncles so much when you think about it.

I brought out into the yard at least 30 potted plants from Dad's old work shop that were stored there through the winter.  Now Mom has something to do. She called the back of the yard her "sick bay" and she tells the plants "once you get to looking better I'll move you up to the patio".

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